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Welcome to all our friends and family to bullockwedding.com
- This web site will contain all the information you need for our
wedding - we hope you can join us!
Wendy and Matt would like to thank
all family and friends that have
helped so far from picking wedding
dresses to creating invites. We really
appreciate all the assistance in
making this day as special as can
be. BIG hugs and kisses from us!
We hope to make this wedding into more than just a one day
thing but a 3-4 day event to celebrate our wedding, see the

"Event Info " section for more details.

This web site was last updated on:
18 October 2007

News Flash: The Bucks party info can now be found under
"Event Info" - Please check it out!
Big hugs and kisses and Welcome!
Hamilton Island Wedding
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A Big thank you!
Matt & Wendy - BullockWedding.com
7-10th Dec 2007
The Wedding @ Hamilton Island
We've made a number of changes to the
arrangements so look inside for an update.
Don't forget to bring your swimmers, it will be damn
hot and Hamilton island has excellent pools - see
virtual tour
Check out our honeymoon destinations
More news coming soon...
best dot com on the planet
a little heart shape island oh again how sweet
The lovely couple - ohh its so sweet ohhh - check out that ring!
We choose to fly with because there really is no one else direct
Our little baby that loves to chew everything from shoes to leather jackets to keys you name she has chewed, she need help - sadly harper will not be attending the weddy as she as other plans
sexy lady!
"We hope you like this web site, if there is anything
you need or want to know before the wedding
please let us know and we will update the site so
everyone can be in the know. We are excited !!!"
Matt and Wendy
best beer on the planet, if you like that kind of thing
best island on the planet
My good friend the PM at the Lodge for Australia day 2006
Sadly the PM can not make it to
Matt's bucks nights as sadly it
coincides with the Federal Election.

John forgot to put this in his diary
and is now in all kinds of trouble!

John does however wishes us the
very best on the day!
Our first photo togther
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